Source: Mobile report 2016-12-28 21:17

Mobile internet marketing – a process to envision, craft and compel brands


2016 was a remarkable year for online marketing and is also planning a lot for the coming year. Marketing is a meadow conquered by those who have the capability to plan ahead and foresee changes and jump on trends before your opponent do it.  2016 was the year which was eventful in the field of marketing and promotion community. With the pace of technological expansion being what it is, it’s implausible that the momentum of new online marketing trend and its strategies as there are limitless new opportunities to revisualize your brand and link with the customers in many ways but is also a bit unapproachable to keep up with the speed of the change. There were many mobile internet marketing trends in 2016 and many of which should also continue in upcoming year so that everyone could take advantages.

Mobile internet marketing is a chief topic for part many years as mobile device usage has to blow up to overtake desktop device usage and smartphones are getting bigger and effortless to use and many companies like Google and facebook are formatting things to better serve noble users with innovative mobile affable algorithm updates and mobile optimized design changes correspondingly. These trends have prejudiced more businesses and organizations to choose from marketing that gratifies to these on the go experiences like more local optimization and superior consideration to apps and advertising opportunities compliant with these devices.

The online world is loaded with content and many new startups to appear daily as users are very bored of seeing similar things all over again and as a result, more online marketers are stressing the technological and logistical perimeters of personalization and endeavoring to offer unique and customize experiences all over 2016. It's really appreciative to the sustained and mounting popularity of smartphones, app-based marketing is an intensifying trend in 2016 and users are beginning to rely on these apps and companies like Google are also ready to respond with these inventive and new options for business owners and app developers to benefit from it.

2016 bestow superior ad options

Advertising technology has come a long way throughout 2016 and provide the people with many options than ever. Marketers have taken fully on benefits of this by hunting new options and planning their crusades more competently and ultimately realizing the excellent results. All these marketing trends are all chances in many forms. Many new technologies can be used to better attain your addresses and many others are premeditated approaches that are predominantly influential in this modern epoch. Buying options are everywhere and for online marketer’s means new innovative options for advertising as Google shopping has become more outstanding and more suitably incorporated with search experiences and provide marketers with many opportunities for alterations.

2016 was a big year for mobile as we have observed Google virtually phase all websites not optimized mobile and also clearly indicate that smart money rests on mobile-focused internet marketing. We have also observed a tremendous expansion and development in digital marketing practices and the competition for online space and dominance over the internet wills definitely going to expand in the upcoming year and the need arises for top advertising spots; the prices for online advertising will also rise. Mobile internet marketing trends have risen rapidly in 2016 which included more content from many deep links within the indexed apps. To increase discoverability, downloads and engagement markets they have to start indexing their apps and its deep links. The mobile search had definitely continued to outpace desktop search in 2016 and will continue in the upcoming year. In 2016 social media platform has leveraged the mobile users by creating a faultless shopping experience for brands.