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wi5 Common Challenges of Mobile Marketing and Smart Tips to overcome them

wi5 Common Challenges of Mobile Marketing and Smart Tips to overcome them

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Are you reading this on your mobile or tablet?

We’re pretty sure that your answer is “Yes.” Based on the compelling amount of statistics, we bet you’re reading this article on your handheld device, while you sip on your coffee or lounge around in your pajamas. In fact, this study by Smart Insights, states that more than 80% of users, access the internet via a Smartphone and the numbers continue to grow steadily.

Before you proceed further, we would like you to answer this question, “What do you do immediately on waking up?” If you answered “I check my mobile,” then you belong to an increasing majority. In a study conducted by Deloitte Mobile Consumer Report, it was found that more than 50% reach for their Smartphones on waking up and check it around 25 to 50 times in a day.

Devise a Sound Mobile Marketing Strategy ASAP

So, as a marketer or a business owner, the two important things you have to do right now are: Create a planned mobile marketing strategy and optimize your ads for the mobile. There are no excuses to skip these two factors if you want your business to thrive in the “Mobile First” Era of 2017.

Now, that’s easier said than done. Mobile Marketing is very different from advertising on other traditional media like the print media, television or even on the internet. Mobiles are the most personal of personal computers.

What makes Mobile Marketing Different from Regular Advertising?

Unlike, desktops of yesteryears that were shared by the entire family, mobiles are strictly personal devices irrespective of the age of the users. This presents its unique set of challenges. Mobile ads have to be tailored and customized if you’re to grab the attention of the consumer. If it’s annoying or even takes a wee bit extra time to load, then you can be pretty sure that your ad will be swiped away without a second thought.

Scary ain’t it? Well, once you gain a clear idea of the challenges of mobile marketing, you can find the innovative solutions to overcome the problems.

Let’s get started on the common challenges faced by mobile video ads and look at the ways to address them.

Challenge #1: Slower Load Times


Mobile video ads often make additional calls to third party URLs and request additional lines of code and files to be downloaded on the device. Placing several ads haphazardly on your site or app can negatively impact the overall user experience.

You can be pretty sure that the user is not going to wait for the ad to load before he/she can continue with his/her game or browsing. If your ads take a long time to load, then it’s sure to increase your bounce rates.

The good news here is that there are several ways to reduce the latency concerns of Smartphone video ads.

Tips to Overcome or Eliminate Latency Issues

Ø  Choose an SDK that allows pre-caching. With this feature, your app or site can call for an ad before it’s ready to be shown to the user. The requests are made ahead of time and happen in the background, thereby reducing latency.

Ø  Ensure that the ads are placed organically and cohesively. Loading an ad, as soon as the user opens the site or app is sure to irk the consumer. Instead, you can position the ad during a level-up or reward users with in-app currency for watching video ads.

Ø  Make use of time-outs. If a third-party ad is taking a long time to load, then make sure to cut it off, before it ends up impacting your user numbers.

Challenge #2: Ads lower the overall Quality of the App or Site

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This is a common misconception among developers and business owners. However, the truth is ads don’t determine the user impact as long as you don’t go overboard with their placement. In fact, a majority of respondents to a survey by HubSpot mention that it isn’t the ads themselves that are an issue, but the quality of the ads is what determines the overall user experience.

Mobile ads have come a long way since their crude beginnings, a few years ago. With MRAID and VPAID technologies, mobile marketers are now able to create beautiful interactive ads that add to the UX.

A Few Tips to help you Create Ads that people will love watching:

·         Make use of VPAID and MRAID to create an interactive and engaging user experience.

·         Stay away from annoying pop-ups, flashing and inappropriate and irrelevant content.

·         Try to replace static ads with higher quality video ads.

Challenge #3: Mobile Ads Distract

Mobile ads shouldn’t distract users from their primary objective: to use the app or consume the content on a website. With the right knowledge and technical know-how, you can make mobile ads as unobtrusive as you want it to be. Advancements in ad targeting ensure that you can blend the ads easily into the content.


For instance, if your user is a few miles away from a Chinese Fast-food restaurant, he wouldn’t be too annoyed to see an ad offering 20% off coupon for the restaurant. This is an excellent example of mobile ad targeting where you make use of the device ID, GPS coordinates and other information to provide the most relevant ads to the user.

Tips to avoid lowering the User Experience

·         Ads shouldn’t be an after-thought. They must be integrated into the design stage.

·         Ensure that you make use of the available user data to provide relevant and tailored ads to the user.

Challenge #4: Privacy Issues

More and more publishers are becoming wary of including ads in their content due to user privacy issues. Ads track and monitor user behavior to provide relevant content. This is a fine line to tread and make sure you do it intelligently.

Tips to avoid Privacy Issues

·         Take the time to understand the privacy controls available to you and make use of them to suit your requirements.

·         Be transparent and upfront with the end user regarding the information you pass to the advertiser.

Challenge #5: Consumer Indifference

This is the biggest challenge facing all mobile marketers. Today’s users are highly savvy and smart. They are well-aware that they are being targeted and can quickly swipe away a pointless advertisement. If you wish to break through the barrier and reach to the end-user, then you should create ads that tug at the heartstrings of the consumer.

The primary goal of any video ad you create, irrespective of the medium, is to establish an emotional connection with your audience. Research shows that people are likely to open their wallets if the ad triggers an emotional response.

So, play smart and create the right ads to improve consumer conversion rates and to increase brand loyalty.

The Takeaway


Mobile ads are often confusing and overwhelming, especially when you look at the myriad challenges of the mobile eco-system. However, with the right insights and technical prowess, you can overcome these difficulties and improve user experience while meeting your business targets.