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Check out the Different Types of Coupons to include in your Mobile Marketing Game Plan

Check out the Different Types of Coupons to include in your Mobile Marketing Game Plan

The Power of Mobile Coupons


Mobile coupons have been around for a long time, yet their popularity keeps on increasing. In fact, they not only promote brand awareness, act as a proven incentive for the modern shopper but also increase the shopping frequency. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that almost all brands from small start-ups to multinational conglomerates are embracing these coupons.

A study by Juniper Research estimates that there will be more than 1 billion mobile coupon users by 2019. And, that’s a huge potential market that you must tap into. Before, you decide on the right mobile coupon strategy for your digital marketing campaign, let’s take a brief look at the history of mobile coupons and the different types.

The Evolution of Coupons

It was the year 1887, when Atlanta based businessman, Asa Candler made use of a ground-breaking marketing ploy. Candler, the co-owner of Coca-Cola issued the first coupon in history. The owner of the ticket could claim a free Coke at any fountain that sold the beverage. The rest is history. As a result of this genius idea, the brand transformed the drink from obscurity to the nation’s favorite beverage.

Later, with the advent of the digital age, coupons went online in the 1990s. These tickets became hugely popular as they could be printed any number of times. Following this, mobile coupons made an entry in 2010. Users now had access to all the latest coupons at their fingertips. Several apps that aggregated coupons from different brands became popular both on Apple Store and Google Play.

Mobile coupons have now become personalized and are sent to individual customers based on their shopping preferences and spending styles. In fact, studies claim that 39% customers spend more if they receive a personalized coupon.

The Wide Array of Mobile Coupons for SMS Marketing Campaigns

Let’s face it. Promotions come in all sizes and shapes. There is no hard and fast rule that defines the limits of promotions. Here, you can find the most popular types of promotions and how to effectively use them. The list is broken down into the following five broad categories: discounts, buying, spending free offers and others.

1.       Discount Offers


                     i.            A Percentage off on the Total Purchase value – This is one of the simplest offers available. For instance, you can offer 10% off on the total value for a limited period. It doesn’t matter if the customer purchases for $5 or $100. You offer the same discount.

Get flat 15% off your purchase

                   ii.            Discount on a Specific Item – This is similar to the previous offer, but the catch here is that the discount is limited to a particular product or range of products in your inventory.

Get 50% off one Medium Cheese Burst Pizza


Get Flat 30% off “W” Kurtis

2.       Spending Offers



                     i.            Spend a specified amount and get a discount on the total purchase value – This offer is quite common in the retail space. For instance, if a customer spends beyond a particular limit, he/she is eligible for a discount on the total value. This coupon helps in increasing the spending budget of the customer significantly.


Spend over $100 and get 20% off on your entire purchase


                   ii.            Spend a specified amount and get free credit worth another fixed amount – This offer is a great way to induce customers to buy another item.


Spend over $100 and get in-store credit worth $25


                  iii.            Spend a specified amount and get an item free – This is an excellent way to make your customers try out new products in your store. It also makes them buy things that they like but would generally not buy.


Spend over $100 and get a perfume free


3.       Buying offers


                     i.            Buy One Get One Free – Shortly, known as BOGO, this is an offer that is widely popular among customers. It gives them the happiness of buying two goodies for the price of one. Variations of this include “Buy Three Get Three” and so on.


One point to note here is that the free item must be the same price as that of the first one or lesser in value. It can be also interpreted in another way as the lower priced item of the two is free, and the higher one is what’s billed.


Buy one Formal Shirt and get One Free.


                   ii.            Buy a particular item and get another item free – This is a slight variation on the offer mentioned above. The difference here is that the free item is of another category. This coupon is mostly used in restaurants.


Buy a Combo Meal and get a Drink free


                  iii.            Buy an Item and get a discount on another category – This is a great way to induce customers to try a particular line of products.


Buy any 2017 winter apparel and get 20% off on Footwear


4.       Free Offers


                     i.            Free Shipping – This is a welcome treat for customers. Though the value is small, it gives the perception of an exclusive treat and saves customers from paying more than the value of the product.


Free Shipping on all orders today. A variation of this offer is,

Free Shipping on all orders over $49


                   ii.            Free Consultation – This is most common for B2B businesses. This is a great way to build conversion rates and to get your potential customers know more about your business.


Free consultation on purchase of this e-Book


                  iii.            Free Item – This is a rare offer but has a huge reception. It’s mostly used to increase brand awareness or to get customers to try out a new product.


Pop into our store, to claim your free cappuccino every Tuesday

Other Offers

                     i.            Loyalty Offers – This type of offers is available exclusively to a member of a particular reward program. This is an excellent way to build customer loyalty.


20% off on all purchases for Gold Club Members. If you aren’t a member, click here to sign up.


                   ii.            Personalized Offers – These are exclusive for the receiver of the coupon. This makes your customers feel special and induces them to choose your brand over others. However, this type of coupon requires some personal information about the client.


Happy Birthday and Enjoy 20% off on any purchase today


We wish you a Happy Woman’s Day and Buy One Get One on any item in the store, just for today


                  iii.            Refer a Friend – This is a highly successful strategy that many brands have employed. This helps customers spread word of mouth about your products or services.


Refer a friend and get $10 credit every time your friend makes a purchase


                 iv.            Dynamic Coupons – These are one of the latest entrants in the world of mobile coupons and have taken couponing to the next level. As the name suggests the value of these coupons change from one user to another or depends on the time the coupon was applied and so on. For instance, customers have to spin a wheel or scratch a card to reveal their coupon value. This coupon is appreciated and well-received as it involves a gaming element.

The Bottom Line

Mobile Coupons sent via SMSes are an excellent way to make your customers happy and induce them to interact with your brand. It promotes brand awareness and increases the frequency and amount of spending. As a brand, it’s highly essential that you don’t offer the same coupons again and again, but mix it up to keep your customers interested. Try out a few of these mobile coupons listed here and boost your revenues.