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Major Advertisers Band Together With The WFA To Improve Digital Advertising

by:Faaez Samadi // Friday, June 08th, 2018-01:03 PM


The World Federation of Advertisers released its Global Media Charter, calling for a digital advertising ecosystem that works better for all.


Produced in collaboration with the world’s largest advertisers, including Unilever, P&G and Mastercard, and other advertising associations across the globe, the charter sets out eight principles as a mandate for change for digital advertising, which are designed to create better relationships between brands, agencies and media owners.


The eight principles are as follows:


Zero tolerance to ad fraud with compensation for any breach

Strict brand safety protection

Minimum viewability thresholds

Transparency throughout the supply-chain

Third-party verification and measurement as a minimum requirement

Removal of ‘walled garden’ issues

Improving standards with data transparency

Take steps to improve the consumer experience


“The time for indulgence is over,” said Stephan Loerke, WFA CEO. “The largest chunk of the world’s marketing budgets is now invested in digital platforms and advertisers have a right to demand that the money they invest can be clearly tracked and understood. We also need to be reassured that brand and consumer interests are protected in these new platforms.”


 The WFA said the charter comes at a time when consumer trust in digital ads is at an all-time low, and in the face of ad-blocking growing 30% annually. For the benefit of all stakeholders, concrete steps must be taken to address issues around brand safety, ad fraud, transparency and viewability, among many others.


Luis Di Como, Unilever EVP for global media, said: “Whether it be viewability, measurement, ad fraud of brand safety, we must work collectively to drive quality and transparency for our consumers and ourselves as advertisers.”  


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