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AdView Mobile Marketplace 2018 Overseas Customer Referral Program Kicks Off

Tuesday, March 06th, 2018-03:08 PM

By Anne Zhou, Director of Operations,AdView Technology  //  March 6,2018

Become an AdView Marketplace Overseas Customer Referral Partner!

The AdView Marketplace Overseas Customer Referral Program provides our partners and customers with a simple, easy and profitable way to refer overseas Customer. Whether you are a publisher, DSP or Direct Advertisers, we want to help you earn commissions by leveraging the AdView brand in the global marketplace to uncover new opportunities and easily refer our solutions to your customers and prospects.

Referral partners receive rewards and benefits for their referrals sign the contract with AdView Marketplace and start to buy or sell inventories in AdView Marketplace.

Commission Term and Commission Rate

Referral Customer category


Commission rate

Direct Publisher

3 Month



3 Month


Direct Advertiser

3 Month



For you to become a referral partner and receive commission payout, you need to become an AdView marketplace customer first. We have different commission payout ways for different customer type


Commission Payout

Referral partner category


Direct Publisher

Commission will be deposit to your publisher account and can  be redraw in the beginning of N+2 month, N is the month when your referral   buy or sell inventories.


Commission will be deposit to your DSP account in the  beginning of N+2 month, N is the month when your referral buy or sell   inventories.

Direct Advertiser

Commission will be deposit to your Direct Advertiser account  in the beginning of N+2 month, N is the month when your referral buy or sell  inventories.


Terms and Conditions

l  Referral program is open to direct customers of AdView Marketplace only.

l  Referral program is available for overseas customers referral.

l  You cannot refer yourself.

l  Commission term is starting from the month when the contract is signed between the Referral and AdView Technology.

l  Offer may not be combined with any other promotions.

l  Referrals made prior to the start of this program are not eligible.

l  AdView Technology reserves the right to alter or discontinue this program at anytime without notice.


If you are interested in becoming a AdView referral partner, please contact us at

About AdView Technology

Founded in 2010, AdView Technology is a globally leading, mobile first and mobile in-app only ad tech company. AdView Technology runs one of the world largest independent mobile programmatically advertising marketplace, and is pioneering in the programmatic ad tech world. AdView Technology’s mission is to establish a seamless tunnel and bridge the gap between the global supply and demand through relentless innovation on programmatic ad technology and global infrastructure.