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AdView Technology won“the Best Digital Marketing Platform of the Year” Award in 2018 Golden Mouse International Digital Marketing Festival

by:Yujie Wei // Wednesday, May 02th, 2018-03:28 PM

On April 26-27, the "2018 Gold Mouse International Digital Marketing Festival" was held in Beijing. Many industry top companies and experts attended the activities. At the reception dinner, the organizer issued the gold, silver and bronze award, the single award, the best Popularity Award, and other awards of company, advertiser, and team.

With professional technical strength and great development prospects, AdView mobile advertising marketplace has been well recognized by industry experts and won "the Best Digital Marketing Platform of the Year".


Award_Golden Mouse.jpg


About the Gold Mouse Digital Marketing Competition

The gold mouse digital marketing competition was founded in 2009 and has been successfully held for 8 sessions. It has been widely supported and participated in the leading digital agents, advertisers and media of China mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan and South Korea to witness the rapid development and profound changes of the digital marketing industry. In 2015, the golden mouse reached a strategic cooperation with the Busan International Advertising Festival and the American Moby advertising award.


About AdView Technology

Founded in 2010, AdView Technology is a globally leading, mobile first and mobile in-app only ad tech company. AdView Technology runs one of the world largest independent mobile programmatically advertising marketplace, and is pioneering in the programmatic ad tech world. AdView Technology’s mission is to establish a seamless tunnel and bridge the gap between the global supply and demand through relentless innovation on programmatic ad technology and global infrastructure.