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AdView Technology Partners with BidSwitch to ensure Non-Fraudulent Access for China and other Global Premium Publishers

by:Yujie Wei // Friday, May 11th, 2018-10:39 AM

Beijing. (May 11, 2018) – AdView Technology, a globally leading, mobile first and mobile in-app only ad tech company, which runs one of the world largest independent mobile programmatically advertising marketplace, today announced a partnership with BidSwitch, a unique, one-to-many point of integration that is completely transparent and connects global supply/demand platforms in the programmatic ecosystem.


With over 200 global demand partners and new revenue streams through a single integration, BidSwitch empowers Supply Partners to tap into new revenue streams by opening the floodgates to a massive ecosystem of buyers. Whether publishers have display, mobile, video, native, TV, or VR inventory, BidSwitch enables Supply Partners to reach Demand Partners through a single point of integration. BidSwitch completely neutral, never take a stance on media, and do not participate in the auction process.

AdView Technology’s Global GM, Ethan Lin, stated” BidSwitch has very strict quality criteria for providing access to new Supply Partner Candidates, we are excited to be selected as a supply partner by BidSwitch, which ensure over 200 global demand partners access to 200 thousand premium mobile properties from 100 thousand publishers including unique inventories available only in AdView Marketplace. And AdView Technology will keep aiming at a clean marketplace, through setup an in-house quality control team and partner with various third-party anti-fraud and measurement vendors and other actions to eliminate IVT, to increase transparency and quality across AdView Marketplace.”


About BidSwitch

BidSwitch was born from the challenges and inefficiencies resulting from a rapidly expanding real-time programmatic ecosystem. Engineered by IPONWEB, BidSwitch represents a global programmatic infrastructure made up of 350+ partners, translating more than 400B impressions a day. Our global team, leverages more than a decade of experience pioneering technology in the real-time advertising space. Independent and privately owned, our neutrality means we never take a position on media and never play favorites choose our partners carefully and work with the world’s most reputable and innovative buyers and sellers—and we’re still growing. operating globally – BidSwitch has offices in New York, London, San Francisco, Singapore and Tokyo; with engineering centers in Moscow & Berlin.

About AdView Technology

Founded in 2010, AdView Technology is a globally leading, mobile first and mobile in-app only ad tech company. AdView Technology runs one of the world largest independent mobile programmatically advertising marketplace and is pioneering in the programmatic ad tech world. AdView Technology’s mission is to establish a seamless tunnel and bridge the gap between the global supply and demand through relentless innovation on programmatic ad technology and global infrastructure.


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Yujie Wei, Marketing Manager