Adview was founded in 2010, it is the leader in China mobile advertising industry, the first big data technology service based on the mobile advertising cloud service platform, as well as global leading independent third party mobile advertising trading platform.


Privacy protection policy

AdView platform attaches great importance to the user's privacy protection. AdView will be confidential to the registered users of personal information, in the case without the user's permission, AdView promised not to disclose information to the third party, but except the following circumstances:

1.External disclosure base on provisions of the state laws and regulations

2. External disclosure base on requirements of the state judicial organs and other relevant authorities requirements based on statutory procedures

3. External disclosure in order to protect AdView platform or your legal rights and interests

In addition, in case of the following circumstances, AdView platform also don't need to take any responsibility:

1. Data leakage when users tell the account registration information to others or share with others. 

2.Due to hacker attacks, computer viruses or temporary shut down due to government regulation, etc. result in the personal information leakage or lost.

Password security

AdView platform user by creating a password to ensure their safety. Please don't share your account information. If you share a computer with others, please leave out AdView platform to ensure that your information will not be for others.

Changes to the privacy policy

We may modify this privacy policy. If modification, we will notice by AdView platform home page, to alert the user is to modify the contents of the user review the updated privacy policy and instructions. If you have any slight change in this privacy policy after the release of continue to use the site, said you agree to comply with any such modification.

If you have any questions for this privacy policy, please contact us: service@adview.com